When should I visit a DOCCS Urgent Care?

DOCCS Urgent Care is there for you with quality health care you can trust when you need it the most. You should visit a DOCCS Urgent Care for:

  • Compassionate care when your primary care physician is not available
  • Reliable, cost-effective alternatives to the emergency room
  • Same-day care when you’re visiting from out-of-town
  • Non-life threatening injuries and illnesses in both adults and children


Should I visit DOCCS Urgent Care or do I need to go to the ER?

DOCCS Urgent Care is here for you with the care you need when you need it the most and can treat most general illnesses and minor injuries. For a complete list of urgent care-appropriate conditions, please see our services list. If you are experiencing a life-threatening illness or injury, please dial 9-1-1 immediately or go to the nearest emergency room.


What conditions do you treat at DOCCS Urgent Care?

At DOCCS Urgent Care, we treat everything from the common cold and seasonal allergies to minor injuries. We also offer preventative care, including physical exams, flu shots and vaccines. For a complete list of our services, please click here.


Is DOCCS Urgent Care more expensive than the ER?

DOCCS Urgent Care is a reliable, cost-effective alternative to visiting the emergency room and is often significantly less expensive than the ER. We accept most insurance and our self-pay prices are very affordable.


 Do I have to make an appointment to be seen at DOCCS Urgent Care?

No appointment is necessary and walk-ins are always welcome at DOCCS Urgent Care medical centers. You can come in any time or choose to Wait at Home Or Office.


Will DOCCS Urgent Care accept my insurance?

We accept most major insurance plans and have affordable options available for all patients. Please visit our insurance page for a complete list.


What if I do not have insurance?

DOCCS Urgent Care is pleased to offer self pay services and flexible spending account acceptance, for our patients that do not carry insurance. Please call ahead to inquire about self-pay pricing.


Does DOCCS Urgent Care offer preventative medicine services (vaccinations, physicals, blood pressure checks, etc.)?

Yes, DOCCS Urgent Care offers preventative medicine services. We can take care of all of your basic medical needs if you do not have a primary care provider, or your provider is unavailable. Please visit our services page for a complete list of preventative care offered at our medical clinic.


How long will I wait to see a provider?

Since no appointments are necessary, wait time will depend on the number of patients in the clinic.


Does DOCCS Urgent Care treat infants?

Yes, DOCCS Urgent Care providers are trained to treat patients of all ages.


Where can I offer feedback about my DOCCS Urgent Care experience?

DOCCS Urgent Care appreciates your feedback. You are welcome to submit questions, comments or suggestions for improvement on our contact page.


Can I go to DOCCS Urgent Care if I get injured on the job or in a car accident?

Unfortunately DOCCS does not except these injury cases. DOCCS Urgent Care accepts all other walk-ins for immediate and general medical care.


Is your staff bilingual?

Many of our staff members and providers at DOCCS Urgent Care are bilingual fluent in English, Spanish and Hindi.