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SUMMER SPECIAL – Tropical Escape
Schedule your 60 minute relaxation massage with your choice of tropical aromas to indulge your senses for only $60.00.

Please call or stop by the schedule your appointment

  • 3-30 Minute for $90.00
  • 3-60 Minute for $150.00

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Our massage therapist, Amber Moye (LMT, MMP) is a licensed massage therapist and medical massage practitioner with 9 years experience in the industry. She offers a variety of different types of massage including…

Swedish Relaxation

This relaxing full body massage incorporates light to medium pressure along with long, smooth strokes to help unwind tense muscles, improve circulation, and leave you with a general feeling of well being.

30 min: $40.00       60 min: $70.00       90 min: $100.00    120 min: $120.00

Deep Tissue

This massage is good for specific detailed work to pin point areas. With firm to deep pressure and specialized techniques it is designed to increase flexibility, relieve tension and muscle soreness from overuse, exercise, injury and stress.

30 min: $50.00       60 min: $80.00       90 min: $110.00

Hot Stones

An ancient technique using smooth heated basalt and river stones. Which balance heat and deeply penetrates the muscles to melt away aches, pains, and tension.

60 min: $90.00       90 min: $110.00     120 min: $130.00

Sports Massage

A blend of relaxation and deep tissue strokes, combined with therapeutic techniques to prepare and restore tissue health which will assist in the recovery process and to help keep the body flexible.

30 min: $50.00       60 min: $80.00       90 min: $110.00


This therapy is for women who are expecting, incorporating long soothing stokes to obtain a state of relaxation, decrease stress and help with some new pains that your body may be experiencing.

30 min: $45.00       60 min: $75.00       90 min: $100.00

Zerona Lymphatic

After the use of Zerona (cold laser full body sculpting), light pressure is used to help trigger the lymphatic system in detoxification and aid in the reduction of edema (swelling).

20 min: $40.00   *(Not included in the price of Zerona Treatments)

Paraffin Wax Treatments

Specialized treatment for hands, feet, elbows, and knees that provide relief for overworked or arthritic joints.

15 min: $20.00


The use of essential oils can be added to enhance any service.

Add on for $6.00