Benefits of an Integrated Pharmacy

Our pharmacy is an essential part of the comprehensive healthcare experience we offer our patients. The pharmacists at DOCCS provide answers to all our patient’s questions and insight to the most up-to-date knowledge regarding prescription medications. By utilizing an integrated pharmacy, DOCCS is able to have superior physician-to-pharmacist communication, which means seamless visits for our patients. An integrated pharmacy also allows for cost-reduction to our patients. Patients at DOCCS are able to obtain their prescription medications at competitive prices. Patients get to know their pharmacists at DOCCS, and feel comfortable asking for education regarding correct medication dosing and administration, side effects, medication interactions, special precautions, and much more. If patients would like to contact the pharmacy from home, a pharmacist at DOCCS is always just a phone call away.


Making Prescription Refills Easy

Staying on top of prescription refills is easy and convenient with the help of the DOCCS pharmacy. Pharmacists send automated refill reminders to our patients [one week before refills are due?]. [Mail-order service is also available, and patients can opt to have prescription medications mailed to their most convenient address instead of picking them up in person]. Furthermore, pharmacists at DOCCS work closely with our physicians, and will contact patients if a medication or dosage change is recommended. The refill service at DOCCS is designed to make patient’s lives easier, and our pharmacists will happily work with any special refill requests patients may have.


Pharmacy Advisory Program

Pharmacists at DOCCS are a valued and important part of our healthcare system. Our pharmacists are well versed in many of the common chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, emphysema, heart failure, etc. Their high level of qualification allows them to act as an educator for patients about these conditions, which usually require very specific medication dosages and administration techniques. Our pharmacists are available during our clinic hours for patient education, support, and to answer any questions regarding medications. While your DOCCS physician will diagnose chronic conditions, prescribe appropriate medication, and manage these conditions while you are in the office, she will allow the pharmacist to further educate you on the specifics of your health. Pharmacists at DOCCS are trained via our pharmacy advisory program in order to be able to work closely with patients and guide them one-on-one through the management of their chronic conditions. We find that this enhances the patient experience by allowing patients to feel more at ease when asking multiple questions about their health, and by giving them a dedicated time in which to do so. The patient-pharmacist relationship at DOCCS flourishes, and patients find this resource very valuable. We believe that our patient’s superior health outcomes are partially due to their strong relationship with our pharmacists and their access to this fine education and tailored support system. The presence of both the pharmacist and physician in our patient’s healthcare system is essential to ensure maximum benefits to our patient’s wellbeing, and we cherish the vital role our pharmacists play in this system.