Stay Up to Date With Your Health This Year and Schedule a Well-Woman Exam

Well-Woman Exam, DOCCS Urgent Care

When you’re sick beyond the level where rest and home care is all you need, it’s natural to see a doctor to limit the effects of your illness. However, regardless of your gender identity, having a uterus and ovaries places unique demands on your body and overall wellbeing. To stay on top of your game and ahead of any health concerns, well-woman exams are a key component of your regular medical regimen.

The well-woman exam

Also called a well-woman visit or a woman’s health wellness check, the well-woman exam is perhaps best thought of as preventive maintenance for your body, a chance to “check under the hood” to ensure your continued good health. Female breasts and genitalia are prone to certain health risks, some of which carry no symptoms in their earliest stages, but that can be detected through medical exams and testing.

A well-woman visit is also a chance for both you and your caregiver to learn. You can ask questions about your body and conditions you’ve experienced, while your doctor learns more about the way your body functions and responds.

What to expect during a well-woman exam

Your first well-woman exam should occur during your middle teen years and continue annually after that. The nature of your exam may change from year to year, based on a variety of factors such as problems associated with your menstrual cycle, whether you’re sexually active, or if you’ve reached certain milestone ages. If you’re at risk of certain diseases or conditions, your visits may be more frequent than annually.

Typical components of a well-woman exam

The importance of frank discussion

Your DOCCS caregiver will ask you many questions, including some that you may find uncomfortable, such as questions about your sexuality or use of alcohol and illegal drugs. It’s important to be upfront and honest with your answers since these questions are important – and sometimes crucial – to your reproductive health and appropriate care. As embarrassed as you may be, rest assured that there are medical reasons for these questions, and they aren’t intended to shame you or reveal secrets.

To your physician, the answers to these questions are essentially the same as answers to things like, “Do you have allergies?” Your best care depends on your doctor having a complete understanding of all things that may potentially affect your health or appropriate treatment.

DOCCS Urgent Care is also a primary care facility that specializes in women’s health, the ideal place for you to schedule your well-woman exams. You can call the office or request an appointment using our convenient online booking service to arrange a time that’s convenient for you. Don’t put off your well-woman exam a moment longer.

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