Cuts and Lacerations


We’ve all had one or two cuts or lacerations at some point of time in our life: The time you were out riding your bike and hit a curb; at breakfast time while cutting a bagel in half with a sharp knife; or even while you were walking barefoot at your house and stepped on a nail. Whatever the cause may have been, cuts and lacerations are always an unfortunate and unpredictable part of life.

When the unfortunate does happen though, it’s very important to get treated properly and immediately to prevent further infections or complications. Here at DOCCS Urgent Care we maintain the highest quality of service for you and your family to make sure you get the proper care need to have a quick and comfortable recovery. You can skip the costly ER trip when the unexpected happens. Our staff of Medical Doctors and Physician Assistants will take care of any necessary stitches, sutures, or bandaging you may need as well as prescribe you the right medications to get you to a full recovery.

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