Sore Throat, Cold and Flu


Here at DOCCS, we understand how important it is for you to get healthy and back on track when you have a cold or flu, and we always maintain a strong sense of urgency in treating and monitoring all our patients. There is no cure for the common cold or flu; however, flu shots that are available on premise can be used to protect you and help in the prevention of picking up the flu virus. Since the influenza virus is constantly adapting, new flu shots are created annually to protect you from the latest viruses.

It is vital for certain people such as the elderly or those with weakened immune systems to get their annual flu shot since they are more susceptible to illness. Every year there are 3 to 5 million severe cases of the flu and up to a half million of those cases result in death. According to the CDC, your chance of a fatal encounter gets cut in half with the administration of a flu shot, and the chances of hospitalization decrease by 25%. It has been reported that the influenza virus results in an estimated $80 billion dollars in economic costs every year, in the US alone.

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