STD, Pregnancy and Drug Testing


One of the big questions that people have about urgent care clinics is the question of whether they do STD tests. DOCCS  will be able to assist you with testing for sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, we are one of the best options that you have for these types of tests. Our clinic will be able to give you results within just a couple of hours of taking the test and your privacy should not be a concern as we take patient privacy very seriously. DOCCS will help you with conditions or tests which are not life-threatening so sexually transmitted disease tests fall into that category. Here are some of the best reasons to use a DOCCS for your testing needs.



Not only do we have reliable results, we are also very affordable in comparison to other labs and even your doctor’s office.  If you have insurance, we will also take that which makes the price even more affordable than you thought. Another good thing about coming to our clinic for your test is that we have doctors on hand so if the test results end up being positive, they will be able to recommend treatment and follow up visits.



The tests we use at DOCCS are the best available and they are definitely better than the take at home tests which sometimes you can get over the counter. A lot of people choose to use DOCCS for their testing because of our confidentiality and reliability. You can also choose to do follow up tests to confirm a diagnosis one way or the other. You do not have to go from one place to the next because all the tests can be administered right at the clinic we are the one-stop place for this type of tests. You can also use a DOCCS to help you confirm or deny any tests taken anywhere else.



Now that you know that DOCCS does provide sexually transmitted disease tests, you could be wondering how the privacy will affect you if we are not your primary care physician. Of course, should a test come out positive, you should still talk to your regular physician for extended care or you can choose to do follow up care with the urgent care itself. DOCCS also takes a lot of care in keeping your information confidential, if you choose to release the results all you have to do is fill out our simple form. You can choose if you want to use your insurance for the tests or if you want to pay separately, giving yet another layer of privacy.

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