3 Reasons Medical Professionals Recommend Regular Health Screenings

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A regular health screening is something most people should have at least one time a year. In many cases, you should see your doctor at least once every six months. Everyone in your family should receive these routine exams. They don’t have to take long, are not likely to include invasive testing, and can give you peace of mind knowing the state of your health.

Why do medical professionals insist that you come in for these screenings? Here are three reasons why you should be booking one today.

#1: They can save your life through early detection

Far beyond any other type of benefit, the early detection of illnesses such as cancer and heart disease can be life-saving. When you come in, you may not have any idea there’s a concern, but your doctor may use lab results to gain insight into your health. This could include information that reveals you have an illness or the early warning signs of a major disease.

Keep in mind that in many situations, catching something early means your doctors have more tools and resources to help with treating those conditions. They may even help you avoid a full-blown diagnosis if they are able to control early symptoms. This improves your chances of a longer life, better treatment options, and even a cure, in some cases.

#2: You’ll enjoy a more active, healthy life

Coming in for a routine appointment may not seem to have a direct impact on your day-to-day life, but that’s not the case. For example, you may come in feeling OK and ready to just get a checkup that all is well. Your doctor, on the other hand, may have some insights for you. He or she may recommend:

There are many ways your doctor can offer advice. Most of the time, these bits of information come from research studies or information that is better-fitted to your body’s needs. Having a doctor you trust also means you can count on them to care about your long-term health.

#3: Prevention of the worst

There are many times when doctors recommend screenings and healthcare tests for individuals because of their age. Other times, it is due to their family’s genetics or health problems. By taking a more active role in these areas, it is possible for your doctor to help prevent a variety of health issues from occurring.

Prevention is also something you control as well. For example, you may have an injury that causes you pain from time to time. Your doctor can offer treatment options for it that help you avoid long-term chronic pain.

For men and women battling mental health disease, doctors can also offer treatment to prevent complications as well as to prevent events of instability. And, when needed, they can recommend solutions to help you get the help you need from a specialist.

You should feel comfortable enough to speak to your doctor about any type of illness or ache you have, so you can get proper care.

Scheduling a regular health screening is easy to do

It only takes a few minutes to come in to see your doctor. Here at DOCCS Urgent Care, we’re here for you whenever there’s a need. Take a moment to book an appointment online now to get your routine health screening.

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