What You Need to Know About Prenatal Checkups

When it comes to having a healthy baby, your health care starts well before you go into labor. In fact, one of the most important steps you can take to have a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby is to undergo routine prenatal checkups. 

Research shows that you have a higher risk of pregnancy complications when you don’t receive adequate prenatal care. Plus, partnering with a medical provider you can trust throughout your entire pregnancy offers numerous benefits, including better physical health and development, along with greater peace of mind every step of the way.

As an independent medical group, our top priority is exceptional patient care for you and your baby at DOCCS. Our team of experienced doctors specialize in women’s health and would love to help you through your prenatal journey.

Understanding the importance of preconception counseling

Preconception counseling helps your provider identify any health-related issues that could affect your ability to carry your pregnancy full-term or deliver a healthy baby. 

During this appointment, your provider at DOCCS can recommend any lifestyle changes that may be beneficial, like modifying your diet or treating uncontrolled problems, such as high blood sugar. All of these changes help set the stage for your prenatal care, and much of it will continue throughout your entire pregnancy during your routine checkups. 

Why to get prenatal care

Prenatal care provides numerous benefits to you and your baby, including:

These appointments also help monitor your health and that of your baby, so any potential issues can be discovered and addressed early.

Preparing for your prenatal care visits

During each of your prenatal checkups, your provider conducts various tests and screenings to make sure your pregnancy is going smoothly. They also perform a physical exam and take a urine sample. 

In addition to health screenings, you can also use your prenatal care visits to raise any questions or concerns you might have, so be prepared; bringing a list is encouraged. And you don’t have to worry — there are no silly questions when it comes to the health and well-being of you and your baby.

Common issues you may want to discuss might include:

Your prenatal care visits vary in frequency throughout your pregnancy, usually taking place more often as you get closer to your delivery date. 

For most healthy pregnancies, prenatal appointments take place every four to six weeks during the first 32 weeks. Then, they increase to a visit every two to three weeks until your 37th week. By the end, your provider may request weekly visits. If you have any risks or complications, your provider may recommend more frequent visits throughout your entire pregnancy. 

To learn more about prenatal care, contact DOCCS in Melbourne, Florida, by calling or requesting an appointment on our website.

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